Log Date: April 10, 2022


Day 1: 

Company driver Ruwan picked our two guests from Colombo airport around 12.15 PM and transfer to Aggressor Safari Lodge. It took around 3 hours to get to the lodge. On the way Ruwan stop at a local restaurant for refreshment. Guest arrived at the lodge 3.30PM after well come drink and late lunch guide Sampath went through the introduction of the lodge. Guests been shown their chalet they stayed in the chalet front of the pool. Around 7.30 PM guest had their four course dinner. Guide took the opportunity to go through itinerary and get to know the guests.  

Day 2:

After breakfast we left for Sigiriya for exciting day ahead. Around 10 Am we started to climb the rock it was rather quite day so guest had explore the place freely. The wall painting of beautiful woman in 5th century AD was a highlight among the two ladies. It took us around 1.30 min to climb to the top of the palace. Sine there were less cloud the views were very clear. On the way down guest went to the museum and water garden.

Around 1.30pm we had our lunch guest enjoyed local foods in a restaurant in Sigiriya.

About 2pm we drove back to Habarana and entered to Eco Park to see elephants gathering. There were around 100 elephants at the park and guest had a wonderful time. After safari we got back to the lodge about 7.45pm, had dinner right after. Guests told me that they had a unique experience in Eco Park to witness that much of elephant in a very close rage.

Day 3:

Early morning we went on our first Wilpattu national park game drive. Shape 6 am we entered to the park. Park was bit wet from overnight shower. After 30 min we starting to come across with usual animal’s deer, birds, water buffo’s, wild hogs etc... We can me a large lake inside the park and had our breakfast. Guest went close to the lake to see few crocodiles. Guest also took this opportunity to feed the monkeys. We get back to the jeep and continue the ride where we manage to witness leopard it cross the road very close to our jeep two ladies was very excited to see this. Around 11.30 am we came out from the park and head back to the lodge. After lunch guests went for a rest. After noon guest relax by the pool with few beers.  

Day 4:

After breakfast we left for Anuradhapura our first kingdom (3rd century AD to 10thcentury BC) we visited Isurumuniya, Tuparamaya, Sri MahaBodiya, JethawanaAramaya Ruwanweli Maha Stupaya etc… there was no sunny weather and it was good time to walk.

From Anuradhapura we went to Polonnaruwa on the way guest had mix lunch at Rajarata hotel.

Around 2pm guest checked in at Deer park hotel.

Around 6pm we went to monkey research center to do the Loris tour. Where the guests received a warm welcome with cup of coffee after had the coffee we started our Loris tour. We spent about two hours there and managed to saw five Lories. We went back to hotel about 8.45 and had dinner there.

Day 5:

After breakfast we left for Polonnaruwa ancient city around 8.30 from the hotel. Polonnaruwa is belongs to 10-13 centuries AD. In there we first met a head of about 30 macaque and we spent 20 minutes watching and photographed their activities. Then after short walk the family of macaque came toward to us. One of the male monkey in the heard snatched a nut from a one tourist hand. Then we got to see a head of Purple face lager monkeys about 10-122 monkeys were resting on a Banyan tree. We went to see Manik Viharaya (Stupa) and Monkey kingdom main film location and Gal Vihara. Around 12 we went back to hotel Deer Park. Guests stay little longer there and enjoyed pool.  After we went back to our lodge it was Suzanne so chef made cake and surprise her. Where staff sang the happy birthday song.

Day 6:

Today morning guest slept for bit longer and had a late breakfast. Guest took the opportunity to explore the lodge. Our senior staff Bandu and I took them for a walk. We come across few interest animals like peacocks and water monitor in this walk. After lunch around 2 pm went to Wilpattu National Park to do our last safari. There were lot of birds, and other small animal where we saw previously. Then we came a cross srilankan Jackal after few mints baby sloth bear with it mother. Finally day ended where we witness the sun go down near lake. Final dinner went bit late with few wine glasses.

Day 7:

After breakfast guests relax for few hours and left to the airport after their return flight back to USA.

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