Log Date: December 5, 2021


Day 1: 

Guests were arrived today around 11.30am. Staff were introduced and given a briefing at the lobby. Just before our first activity they had their lunch around 12.30 and then we are off for our first safari to Wilpattu national park. We had a beautiful safari this afternoon, we were lucky to see so many fauna and flora. Few different type of bee eaters, Painted storks, Peacock, horn bills, Paradise flycater, etc… also we saw a sloth bear during our safari. We were back to lodge about 6.30pm and guest had their dinner 7pm.

Day 2:

Today morning we had breakfast 7am at the restaurant. About 8am in the morning we went to Anuradapura ancient kingdom (3rd century BC). It was beautiful sunny morning. First we went to Isurumuniya ancient temple. Then we went to Sri Maha Bodiya, Ruwanweli maha seya. Jetawana Aramaya, Abayagiri Viharaya etc… also we visit Lowa Mahapaya. After we visited those places we got back to the lodge 12pm. Around 1pm had our lunch.

After lunch we did a walk at the property and the village. It was around 1 ½ hour round. There we met some locals and we could see their houses, farms etc… also we saw so many different types of birds. During our walk we went to a lake and paddy field.

Today guests had dinner around 6pm at the main restaurant. After dinner we got to show Monkey kingdom movie to guest. After dinner, watched Monkey kingdom movie till 10 pm.

Day 3:

Today we went to our second time to Wlipattu National park. We leave from the lodge about 5.35am with pack breakfast.  It was bit chilled in the morning. We saw two Broun fish owl very first of our safari, while we having our breakfast we got deer alarm call, we drove there about 400m we saw two cubs of Leopards were there. we were there about 30/40 minutes also we got to see crocodile, buffalo wild boar, fruits bats, and some other birds such as parrot, jungle fowl, oriole, etc…. we got back to lodge after safari around 11.30 am.

We had our lunch at the lodge about 12.30. Also a new guest arrived today. About 2.15pm we went another safari to Wilpattu national par. We were in the park till about 6pm, we were lucky to see another leopard, he was napping abound 30/40 m from the road. Also we saw Jackal, Monkeys, buffo ,etc… we got back to the lodge about 6.30pm guests had their dinner 7.pm

Day 4:

We went to Sigiriya this morning, we leave 5.45am from the lodge we got there around 8.15 had our breakfast on the way to Sigiriya, it was a bit gloomy day, but it was helpful to do our hike.  Guest took their time to explore go up and it was an interesting everyone enjoyed. Except one guest all made up to summit. After hike of Sigiriya rock kingdom, we went to Tropical Village restaurant for the lunch. After lunch about 2 pm we to do our Elephants safari in Eco park. We saw few different groups of Elephants with babies. It was bit rainy afternoon. We got a really close view. one male Elephant on his musty period. After safari we went to Polonnaruwa.

Guests checked in to Deer Park Hotel. After about 6.15pm we went to research center in Polonnaruwa. We start our Loris (nocturnal primate) tour. We saw 5 Lories during the tour, we got an opportunity to see one very close. After tour we return to hotel Deer Park.

Day 5:

In the morning we had our breakfast from the hotel, about 8.15am we went to do the PCR tests for the guests. Right after tests we went to polonnaruwa ancient city (10th century AD to 13th century AD). There we saw family of more than 30 monkeys (macaque monkey) they are having their rest at a temple building. We were there about 30 minutes. Also, we saw two different families of gray Langur with babies. Finally we manage to see few purple face langurs in the distance. Also we visited Monkey kingdom movie filmed location. Gal Vihara Buddhist temple.

After tour of Polonnaruwa we had our lunch a Priyamali’s house buffet. Typical Sri Lankan Lunch. Guests were really enjoyed. We went back to the lodge around 5pm.

Day 6:

This morning we went another safari in Wilpattu national park. Started 5.30 am left from the lodge with packed breakfast. We had another good safari with lots of animals. Saw a Leopard was laying down under a tree. Also buffalo crocodiles, Deer, lots of Birds. We returned from park about 11.00. Guest had the lunch 12.30pm.

Afternoon we walked on our bird trail on the property. Saw some animals and birds, saw a giant squirrel (national animal). Guests had their dinner about 7pm. Had a nap about two hours before leaving. About 12 midnight guests were departure from the lodge to Airport.  Their flight 5.30 in the morning.

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