Log Date: November 27, 2019


Day 1: 

Guests arrived at around 12 noon, after a Welcome drink and the safety briefing, we showed them to their tents and had lunch at 1:15 pm and headed to the ancient budhist capital of Anuradhapura for their afternoon tour. Drinks and a four course Dinner started at around 7pm.     

Day 2:

Had an early breakfast at the lodge and left to Wilpattu National Park, entered at around 7:30am, we were lucky to see a beautiful leopard within the 1st half hour of entering the park! Also saw lots of birds, deer, mongoose, Crested Hawk Eagle with a snake kill, water buffalo, jackals, monkeys and wild boar.

At noon we saw the second Leopard, while the other group in a second vehicle saw the 3rd Leopard in a different area. We stopped to have a picnic lunch at Kumbukwila, then continued on with our afternoon safari. Started coming out of the park 4:30pm as it started raining. Despite the afternoon rains the full day safaris were a great success.

Had an early Sri Lankan dinner as guests requested they wanted to eat something authentic. They enjoyed it very much.

Day 3:

Started at 5.45 am with packed breakfast, everybody enjoyed Sigiriya, had a bit of rain as well. After lunch at Rukmali Restaurant headed to Kawdulla National Park to see the Elephants. After searching for couple of hours we finally saw about 100 elephant’s guests were very happy, suddenly a storm started inside the park and we decided to call it a day at a round 5pm.

Reached the lodge at 7.30 pm exhausted, had a nice Sri Lankan meal –Kottu Roti which guests thoroughly enjoyed. 

Day 4:

3 out of 7 guests did not want to go on the monkey kingdom tour as they wanted to relax at the lodge. The balance of that visited Polonnaruwa enjoyed the 3 types of Monkey species that inhabit Sri Lanka. After spending about 2 hrs with the monkeys, we went to see the Gal Vihara and couple of other places .

Highlight was the Sri Lankan Lunch at Priyamali Restaurant, they absolutely enjoyed the experience and said “This was one of the best meals”.

After arriving early at the lodge, had a 4 course dinner, the Chef was introduced and all guests clapped and cheered him and said “This is the best Aggressor food”!

Day 5:

After an early Breakfast at the lodge, guests were ready to depart at 8am as flight was at 1.30 pm, Les Stroud and his team was very happy with the whole experience. After a successful tour of 5 days, they said their goodbyes in an extremely happy note.


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