Log Date: November 28, 2021


Day 1: 

Visitors arrived at around 2pm this afternoon and were warmly welcomed by the staff at the lodge. After introducing the staff, lunch was served and then a brief itinerary introduction of their next few days was made. Guests were directed to the chalets to freshen up and relax for the balance of the afternoon.  Dinner was taken around 7.30 today.

Day 2:

We left for Wilpattu national park around 5.30 am this morning for the guests first safari. Due to heavy rain of the previous night there was a shortage of animals till noon. During the safari we saw Spotted Deer, Crocodile, Buffalo and Mongoose. Also, we saw Gray Langer monkeys. We left the park around 11am and arrived at the lodge and had lunch around 12.30. The guests relaxed with a yoga season in the afternoon for 30/40 minutes until the evening. Dinner was served at 6.30pm and after that the guests watched monkey kingdom movie and retired to their chalet around 10pm.

Day 3:

We left for Sigiriya around 6am in the morning today. Arrived there about 8.15 and started our trek to Sigiriya after breakfast. The water garden was flooded due to rain in the last few days and it was a random sight.it was not a rainy day so we could easily reach the top of sigiriya.it took about two and half hours to climb the Sigiriya Rock. Guests were delighted and wonder to see 5th century AD construction skills. Later we went to Tropical Village restaurant for a lunch. While we are having lunch rain was started and it went till around 4pm. After lunch we went to Deer park hotel Polonnaruwa, we were there till 6pm.

Around 6pm we went to monkey research center to do the Loris tour. There guests received a warm welcome with cup of tea after we started our Loris tour. We spent about two hours there and managed see five Lories. We went back to hotel about 8.45 pm and had dinner there.

Day 4:

After breakfast we left for Polonnaruwa around 8.15 from the hotel. Polonnaruwa is belong to 10-13 centuries AD. There we first met a head of about 30 macaque and we spent 20 minutes watching and photographing their activities. Then after short walk the family of macaque come toward us. One of the larger male monkey in the heard snatched a nut from a one tourist hand. Then we got to see a head of Purple Faced Langer monkeys about 10-12 monkeys were resting on a Banyan tree. We went to see MANIK WEHERA (stupa) and Monkey kingdom main film location and gal vihara. Around 12:00 noon we went back to hotel Deer Park. Guests stay little longer there and enjoyed pool.

About 2pm we drove back to Habarana on our way to Habarana we had our lunch, guests were really enjoyed our local food. We went to Habarana eco park to carry out the elephant safari around 3pm. First 30 /40 minutes we did not see that many Elephants, after lots of rain water holes change their habitats, but finely we manage to see few families with babies. We saw them really close. There was a really small one, only about three weeks old. At the end we manage to see at least 30 elephants. After safari we got back to the lodge about 7.45pm and had dinner right after. 

Day 5:

Today morning guests stayed relax. Breakfast about 9am. After breakfast we took a round on the bird trail at the property. After lunch we were supposed to do another safari in wilpattu national park but due to rainy whether we have changed our plan, we went to Anuradapura. Sri Lanka’s first Kingdom (3rd century AD to 10th century BC) there we visited Isurumuniya, Tuparamaya,Sri Maha Bodiya,Jethawana Aramaya Ruwanweli Maha Stupaya etc… there was no sunny weather and it was good time to walk. We got back to lodge after tour around 6.30 pm and guest had dinner about 7pm.

Day 6:

Today morning we went to Wilpattu National Park to do our last safari, we were there 5.50 am in the morning, soon as we enter to park we saw three male Elephants on the main road, and one of that Elephant was charge at us. After that we drove another 25/30 minutes we got a opportunity to saw a sloth bear. He was about 15/20 feet from our jeep. He was digging a wet termite mount and looking for his breakfast. We were there about 20 minutes, while we watching bear we saw a leopard walking toward us on the main road. It was young female leopard and we took couple of good pictures. We had our breakfast in the park and we got a chance to see another leopard on our way back. He was right on the middle of the road and we were there at least 30 minutes. Also we saw some other animal spaces. After really good morning safari we got back to the lodge around 11.30 am.

Afternoon we walked at the village about 2 hours, saw the rural life of Sri Lanka, it was a different experienced for the guests. Noticed their happy to see children’s plying in their backyard and waving hands to them. Dinner 6.30 today.

Day 7:

Afternoon we haven’t done much, guests were at the swimming pool whole afternoon.  After dinner guests was leave to go to airport after their enjoyable 7 day, 6 night tour at the Aggressor Sri Lanka Safari Lodge.

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