Log Date: October 22, 2021


Day 1: 

Jeffri arrived at the lodge around 11.30 in the morning. After welcome briefing and introducing of lodge staff, while Jeffri was having his welcome King Coconut drink we take him and his baggage to the chalet. About 1pm he had his lunch and 2.15pm went to do his first safari in Wilpattu National Park.

During the safari, Jeffri had a chance to see lot of different fauna & flora. He was really excited about everything, and we were lucky enough to see a Leopard, however, couldn’t manage to get a good picture. Also, we saw monkeys, Crocodile, buffalos, Deer, Peacocks, king fisher, storks, Hornbill and more until 6pm we stayed in the park.

After safari we arrive to lodge around 6.30pm, Jeffri had dinner around 7.15pm and went to he’s chalet.

Day 2:

Today we start our journey to go Sigiriya (ancient kingdom) 6.15am in the morning, that was two hours drive, we got there by 8.20am and on our way there, Jeffri had his breakfast. We started our climb Sigiriya about 8.30pm. Jeffri was very impressed & enjoyed seeing all ancient construction skills and technologies. We finished the tour and got back to vehicle after 3 and half hours.

From there we went to Dhambulla (Gimanhala restaurant), and had our Lunch. In the afternoon, our second safari started at Kaudulla National park. We were lucky enough to see two herds of Elephants with their babies. We got a close encounter with one mother and young one. There was a young tusker in one group which was rare to see. After safari in Kaudulla N.P we went to Girithale (Deer Park hotel).

7pm we started Loris tour at the Primate research center. After we had a cup of tea and interesting information about Red Slender Loris we started exploring. We saw five Loris during our tour also we saw an Owl.

After tour we went back to Deer park hotel Jeffri had dinner.

Day 3:

This morning we started our Monkey Kingdom tour about 8am. Very beginning of the tour we saw Toque Macaque family about 40 monkeys. We spent almost 45 minutes with them. Jeffri had really good time with them.

Not far from them we saw another Gray Lager monkey family and finally both type of monkeys and playing with each other. We also saw Purple Face monkeys, a few of them were on a feeding top of same trees. We went to Polonnaruwa Galvihara and Ran Koth Vihara afterward. At about 12.30 we went to Deer Park hotel again for the guest to have lunch at the hotel.

We drove back to the lodge about 4:45 afternoon. On our way we stopped road side fruits shop and Jeffri had an opportunity taste different fruits. He had his dinner about 6.30pm.

Day 4:

this is a relaxing day for the Jeffri. He had his breakfast at 8.30 and we did a small walk in the lodge and area.

Saw some interesting birds. He wanted to swim at the swimming pool before lunch. After lunch we could not do anything outdoors for there was some raining. We got a chance to watch a movie in the main salon tent. Jeffri had his dinner at 7pm and we watched a movie until 11pm.

Day 5:

Today Jeffri had his breakfast at 7:45am. Around 8:15am we went to Anuradapura secret city ( 3B.C-10A.D). We started from Isurumuniya Temple,then Sri Maha Bohdiya,Ruwanweli Maha Stupaya,Aabyagiri  stupaya,Abayagiri Museum,Jethawanarama Stupaya etc… we had interesting chat about evolution of ancient civilization & Buddhist influent to mordent society.

At 1pm we got back to the lodge and Jeffri had a relaxing time at the swimming pool. The afternoon also had a small rain. Jeffri had his dinner around 7:15pm. After dinner, we watched a film until 11.pm.          

Day 6:

We started our safari at 5:30 in the morning. We managed to enter as a first vehicle in and we got the benefit right after we entered. We saw three Elephants at the main road at the very beginning of the safari. One was a tusker. We saw Elephants which is rare in Wilpattu national park. Also, we were lucky enough to see three Leopards in two different locations. We extended our half day safari until 3pm, it was great fun!

Jeffri had late lunch and since his flight is at midnight. At around 8:30pm he left from the lodge to get his flight. 


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